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    The Memphis Annual Conference

    Domestic Support
    Kathleen E. (Katie) Peterson is a Deaconess and Church and Community Worker with the Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church. Her current assignment is with the God’s Country Cooperative Parish in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of northern Michigan.

    Katie’s responsibilities include working with the pastors and laity of the seven church cooperative to work toward a more cooperative spirit of ministry through partnerships, leadership development, and mission outreach. Much of her energy is focused toward helping these communities of faith become more aware of the issues that have an impact on them, and then to work toward change. Her work is also directed toward children and youth, senior citizens, and those who are victimized. Katie works with these churches to respond creatively to the challenges of isolation, poverty, prejudice, social injustice, violence, job loss, and disaster, thereby bringing hope and the love of God to those they serve.

    Although beautiful, Katie reports that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is isolated and communities face the problems which are inherent with such remoteness: no jobs, despair, child abuse, spousal abuse, alcohol/drug abuse, teen pregnancy and feelings of hopelessness. She shares that the seven churches, although spread over 250 square miles, combine their resources, share their faith, and through their active presence work to bring self-esteem, hope, and faith to all of God's children throughout their vast parish.

    Of her call to mission service, Katie says, "I have felt God's presence working through all of my life. Most recently, I have truly seen God working miracles and moving me into new opportunities to serve God through missions."

    A native of Ohio, Katie earned a BA degree in gerontology from the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, and earned her Masters of Arts and Religion in Christian Education from Memphis Theological Seminary. She was commissioned as a Deaconess with the BGM in October 2001 and as a Church and Community Worker in 2004. Katie’s previous assignments with the Board of Global Ministries were as a US-2 (young adult missionary) from 1998-2000 in inner city Memphis, TN, and as a Church and Community Worker and Deaconess with the East Sub-District of the United Methodist Church in Fayette County, TN, from 2000-2006.

    Katie is a member of Paradise United Methodist Church in Paradise, MI and also holds associate membership in Trinity United Methodist Church in Fremont, OH.

    Kathleen Peterson is available for Covenant Relationship support in Detroit Annual Conference , Memphis Annual Conference , West Ohio Annual Conference .

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