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    Restaurant Reviews

    (Restaurants ranked from 1-5, with 5 being the best.)

    Flamingo Row (Paducah, KY) 7-10-14: 3.69
    “The idea, the ambience, and the iguana were cool… The rest, we have mixed feelings about.”

    Goodwings (Camden, TN) 3-27-14: 3.41
    “Choose wisely, and you shall be rewarded with good and plenty. Choose poorly, and the food will suffer… and so shall you.”

    Picasso Pizzeria & Bistro (Jackson, TN) 11-27-13: 3.96
    “It was really good, but it wasn’t really great…. Those paintings though.”

    Café Fontanella (Whites Creek, TN) 8-2-13: 3.65
    "Good, but not great. Some say it's better than Olive Garden. Others simply say they've had better."

    Sammies (Martin, TN) 3-26-13: 3.9
    “Although Ryan’s sandwich was SUB-par and Annias was initially attacked by his sandwich, DAG!- that was some good food.”

    Yesterday’s Burgers ‘n’ Cream (Paducah, KY) 9-28-12: 3.8
    “Though the fries were a bit underwhelming, the burgers & ice cream were top-notch (like what Steak N Shake should be) and, if you like chocolate, be sure to give the cow patty a try.”

    Buca Di Beppo (Brentwood, TN) 7-19-12: 4.2
    “Great food, great times, & awesome sodas; but not great for skinny pockets.”

    Soul Fish Cafe (Germantown, TN) 4-5-12: 4.25
    “Our souls (and our stomachs) were filled.”

    Carr's Barn (Mayfield, KY) 9-23-11: 3.5
    “The food was great! But the barn was small... and smoky."

    Barefoot Charlie’s (Hendersonville, TN) 7-29-11: 3.5
    “The burgers, wings, wraps, & chicken fingers were real good, but stay away from the steak fries and the water.”

    Beverage Reviews

    Root Beer (9-16-13): Best- Barq’s, Worst- Dad’s


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